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The University of Babylon is a university located in Babylon, Iraq. university of babylon education consists of 20 colleges within three compounds, located seven kilometers south of the city of Hillah, in Babylon Province. The campus was originally the Administrative Institute of Babylon. Later some of the buildings were adopted for use by the medical college of the University of Kufa, before being established as a university in its own right in 1991.

The university now teaches a wide variety of subjects, and during the 1990s, started teaching night classes. These became popular, especially among well-off families, after the increase in difficulty of high school examinations in 1997.

The university attracts students from various regions. The largest part of the student body is made up of students from Babylon Province. It also attracts numerous students from Karbala, Baghdad, Diwaniyah, Kufa and Najaf.

The university has a student-run newspaper. Plays produced by students of the College of Fine Arts are performed both internally and in national events and forums. University alumni have powers to elect staff.


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