I get asked about how much does a website costs , Dubai Web Development Company  A LOT – I guess it comes with the job description as a website designer in my previous business .
One thing I’ve noticed time and time again is how much people focus purely on the dollar sign – which is missing the bigger picture.
Out of the 4 resources – money is actually the most flexible one.
Here’s why:
  • You either have time or you don’t
  • You either know / have an interest in coding or you don’t
  • You either know / have an interest in design or you don’t
This is not always the case when it comes to money.
Everybody has a certain level of money. It’s about how you decide where to best spend it.
Why would a person choose to pay $4.50 for a fancy Starbucks latte when an alternative is to spend $0.10 to make a simple coffee at home?
Could it have something to do with the lifestyle? Or maybe something as torturous as waking up earlier to make coffee? Is it the convenience of buying it outside so you don’t have to deal with it at home?
Let’s be honest, generally speaking, we all have some money. We all know someone that doesn’t have a lot of savings but ended up buying a brand new flat screen TV when they really shouldn’t.
The right question is — “is this worth my money.”
The truth of the matter is if you feel something has value to you, you will gladly pay up for it, right? – This is what consumerism is all about.
So, let’s put money (as a resource) aside for now, as if you find real value in building a website (if it’s really worth it to you), you’ll try to make things work.
For now, let’s focus on estimating the cost of your website if you have limited:
  • Time
  • Technical knowledge (or the interest in learning it)
  • Design skills (or the interest in learning it)


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