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how does bitcoin mining work ?

bitcoin mining , When you hear about bitcoin "mining," you envisage coins being dug out of the ground. But bitcoin isn't physical, so why do we call it mining?

Because it's similar to gold mining in that the bitcoins exist in the protocol's design (just as the gold exists underground), but they haven't been brought out into the light yet (just as the gold hasn't yet been dug up). The bitcoin protocol stipulates that 21 million bitcoins will exist at some point. What "miners" do is bring them out into the light, a few at a time.
They get to do this as a reward for creating blocks of validated transactions and including them in the blockchain.
rust, bitcoin

Backtracking a bit, let's talk about "nodes." A node is a powerful computer that runs the bitcoin software and helps to keep bitcoin running by participating in the relay of information. Anyone can run a node, you just download the bitcoin software (free) an…

Hajj Guide: How to Perform Umrah

As mentioned in the article “Are Hajj and Umrah Same Thing?”, Umrah is the lesser pilgrimage. It involves ihram, Tawaf (circumambulating the Kabah), Cheap umrah package , Sa`i (walking between mounts of Safa and Marwah), and shaving or cutting the hair.

So, these are the main 4 rituals of Umrah: 1. Ihram The first steps in your Umrah are to put on the clothing of ihram and to make the intention of Umrah. For more information on ihram and its restrictions, refer to the article “All About Ihram.”
After making the intention of ihram, try to spend your time in remembering Allah, reading the Qur’an, and supplicating. It is recommended also to chant Talbiyah frequently. The words of Talbiyah are:
Labbayka Allahumma labbayk.
Labbayka la shareeka laka labbayk.
Inna al-hamda wa-n-ni`mata laka wal-mulk.
La shareeka lak.
Here I am at Your service, O Lord, here I am.
Here I am at Your service. You have no partners.
Yours alone is all praise and all bounty, and Yours alone is sovereignty.
You hav…

9 ideias de receitas veganas para o seu café da manhã

Contar com opções saudáveis para o café da manhã é essencial para manter uma dieta equilibrada, rica em proteínas e todos os nutrientes necessários.  Dieta Vital , Mas cá entre nós, haja criatividade para elaborar boas receitas veganas todos os dias, não é mesmo?

Por isso, reunimos em um post várias dicas para tornar o começo do seu dia mais prático. Prepare-se para não deixar faltar na dispensa alguns produtos fundamentais para montar receitas simples e deliciosas como, por exemplo:
Castanhas e amêndoas Aveia em flocos, chia e granola Pasta de amendoim Leite vegetal Requeijão e queijo vegano Melaço de cana Detalhe: lembre-se que mel não é vegano. É incrível como ele sempre aparece em “receitas veganas” internet afora. Porém, esse também é um produto de origem animal!
1. Biscoitos e muffins
Uma ótima opção para o café da manhã são os biscoitos e muffins. Para essa receita vegana, utilize leite vegetal e substitua os ovos por alguma dessas opções: banana amassada, semente de chia hidr…

Topo Designs x FRONTEER

For the past 18 years, Jon Tang has pieced together small but absolutely essential bits of what he would ideally love to see in a brand, and in 2015 he founded FRONTEER. FRONTEER is a brand that is born out of unrelenting belief. This belief is that from digital to physical form, brands must be created to illustrate practical purpose. Purpose is the reason you journey. Jon’s purpose is the reason FRONTEER was created. It’s a brand that strives to incite discovery. It’s a willful attempt in helping the consumer discover a pursuit that absorbs them, frees them, and challenges them. FRONTEER gives Jon the opportunity as a designer and creative to really present a brand in its most genuine light.

New Topo Designs Backpacks Now In

At Topo Designs, we’ve had our eye on what Jon Tang has been doing over at FRONTEER for a while now. Being shoe fanatics ourselves, we’re constantly on the lookout for new and innovative sneakers. Jon’s passion for art and design has been an inspiration to us fo…

كيف تصبح محامي ناجح ؟ الخطوات العلميه و المهارات الشخصيه

مهنه المحاماه هي من المهن الاسمي علي مستوي العالم وصاحبها له شان كبير في المجتمع ويحمل رساله وهي الدفاع عن كل ضعيف او كل من له حجه و الوقوف في وجه الباطل هذا خو دور محامي , لكن مهنه المحاماه تتطلب شروط علميه وشروط اخري شخصيه .

الشروط العلميه
اولا  شهاده الثانويه العامه
ثانيا الشهاده الجامعيه بكليه الحقوق
ثالثا وهي الاهم شهاده التدريب علي اعمال المحاماه
في بعض الدول يكون هناك معاهد خاصه لتدريب المحامين و
البعض الاخر يكون التدريب في مكاتب المحاميون المختصين و
الشرط ان يجتاز فتره التدريب المحدده وبعد ذلك يستطيع المتدرب ممارسه المهنه

االمهارات الشخصيه
اولا الاقناع في الاساس مهنه المحاماه قائمه علي الاقناع وايصال الفكره بشكل مبسط
او علي الاقل اصابه الخصم بالهلع و الارباك علي المحامي ان يتمتع بتلك الموهبه

ثانيا القدره علي التحليل علي المحامي ان يستطيع تحليل الامور بشكل سريع
و الربط بين الاحداث وبعضها وان يتمتع بذاكره قويه و حدس اقوي

ثالثا التركيز الشديد علي المحامي ان يستطيع الفصل بين حياته الشخصيه و حياته
العمليه حتي يستطيع التركيز في ادق الامور

رابعا تطوير اللغه علي المحامي ان يطور من لغ…

10 Tips for a Good Shoe Fit !

Years of wear and tear can be hard on our feet. So can disease, poor circulation, improperly trimmed toenails, Buy Now and wearing shoes that don't fit properly. Problems with our feet can be the first sign of more serious medical conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, and nerve and circulatory disorders.
What can you do to prevent foot problems?
Practice good foot care.
Check your feet regularly, or have a member of your family check them. Podiatrists and primary care doctors (internists and family practitioners) are qualified to treat most foot problems. Sometimes the special skills of an orthopedic surgeon or dermatologist are needed. It also helps to keep blood circulating to your feet as much as possible. 

Do this by putting your feet up when you are sitting or lying down, stretching if you've had to sit for a long while, walking, having a gentle foot massage, or taking a warm foot bath. Try to avoid pressure from shoes that don't fit right.
Try not to expose your …

How To Remove Malware From JOOMLA In 3 Steps - Joomla malware removal

Joomla Website Hacked ?
The following may help you to confirm if your website has been hacked by cyber criminals  Joomla website hacked by hackers who are distributed malware for criminal purposes. Joomla malware removal , Website is injected with hidden pharmacy links.
You are unable send email because the website is black listed for sending spam email. Lost all your traffic and sales from Google because your website is blacklisted.
Google has blacklisted your website in search results with the label This site may be hacked Joomla! Hacked Website Recovery Service The following is included in the service we offer at the website We will take a full backup of the website including all the Joomla! files and MYSQL database before we start the work and after we have 100% removed the malware code and secured the website.
Complete a detailed security scan of your website to identify and investigate how the malware or malicious code infected the website.
Remove the malware and any malicious c…

7 Surprisingly Simple Health Habits That Will Save You Money

Better health and more $$$ in your bank account may seem like an unlikely combination, but the truth is, wellness can come without a huge price tag.  Diseases and Remedies Adopting certain habits will help you feel stronger and more energized, yet the immediate and long-term financial results are even better. Here, seven ways to put the saying "health is wealth" into practice.
Why It Saves: One study found that people who paid $70 per month for a gym membership went less than five times a year.

Make It Happen: Try the free SworkIt app, which enables you to choose the length of your workout (5, 10, 15 minutes or more) as well as the part of the body you want to focus on. Your time, your choice.

Why It Saves: Nearly three quarters of doctors admit that the average physician prescribes an unneeded medical test or procedure every week, according to a study from the Robert…

AC Safety Capacitors

Tecate group offers a family of AC Safety Capacitors for X and Y class applications which require across the line and line to ground protection. This product is UL recognized and IEC 60384-1 compliant, and available in SMD and radial through hole packages. These capacitors are ideal for providing surge and transient protection to sensitive electronic circuitry, as well as the users. These devices are also commonly used to filter EMI in power supply applications. Products:CMX Series
Surface Mount MLC X1/Y2 and X2/Y3 Safety capacitors available in NPO and X7R dielectrics. Body sizes from 1808 to 2825.
Request a QuoteCMX Data Sheet
MPXM Series

Compact size Radial box style X2 polypropylene Safety capacitors.
Request a quoteMPXM Data Sheet Applications:RJ11: xDSL, VOIP Phones, POS Terminals and Set-top boxes.AC/DC Power supplies: EMI filtering.
Capabilities:Broad product line-up.X1/Y2 and X2/Y3 ceramic at 250VAC and capacitance values ranging from 2.0 pF to .056 uF.X2 Polypropylene film cap…

خطوات ونصائح لتنظيف منزلك بالكامل سريعا

خطوات تنظيف المنزل مهمة شاقة بالنسبة لكثير من السيدات وربات البيوت خاصة صغار السن أو المتزوجات حديثاً. لذا نقدم لكِ عزيزتي هنا نصائح هامة لمساعدتك على تنظيف المنزل و مكافحة حشرات بشكل أسرع دون بذل مجهود وعناء كبير بدلا من أن تقضي اليوم بأكمله في هذه العملية المرهقة  . 

أول هذه النصائح هي عدم تنظيف غرفة بالكامل ثم الإنتقال بعدها إلى الغرفة التالية فهذه الطريقة تستهلك وقتاً كبيراً جداً، ولتقليل الوقت، يفضل القيام بمهمة واحدة في المنزل بالكامل ثم المهمة التي تليها، وهكذا. هذه الطريقة تجعلك تفكرين في التحرك السريع فتقومين بتنظيف المنزل بأكمله ولا تجدي نفسك تركزين على تنظيف مكان محدد فتضيعين فيه وقتاً كبيراً. أيضاً هذه الطريقة سوف تجعلك تتنقلين أكثر مما يعتبر رياضة لجسمك في نفس الوقت. النصيحة الثانية هي أنه عند القيام بمهة معينة، ابدأي دائماً من أعلى اليسار إلى أسفل اليمين. على سبيل المثال، عند تنظيف الغبار، قومي بتنظيفه من الرفوف العلوية في اليسار حتي الأرض في اليمين. بهذه الطريقة تضمنين عدم إنتقال الغبار من الأماكن العلوية إلى المناطق المنظفة في الأسفل. نبدأ الآن خطوات التنظيف، إليك ١٠ خطوا…